Any information about this stein, estimated value

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    Angela Mays

    I found this stein at a Goodwill in Texas last week. I did some research and found a Facebook page That gave me some great information. I found out the lady on the stein is Germania.

    I was also given this from your website

    This about the lid

    I got some very good information I would love to see if anyone knows more. Also an estimated value. I love it.

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    Angela Mays
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    Hi Angela,

    It looks like you’ve answered your own question! She looks more like the personification of Bavaria than Germania. You had an image of the model. Here’s the story on the monumental sculpture:
    This webpage has an image of the statue where you can see how large it actually is as there are some people in the photo:

    The Bavaria Statue in Munich

    Because the image on the stein bears such a resemblance to the statue, I would date the stein after the statue was erected, which was in 1850. An article in the Stein Collector’s journal says that this type of stein was made between 1840 to 1905. So there’s your date range, 1850 to 1905. My guess is 1850 to 1871 (the later ones tend to have capacity marks – it looks like there might be one scratched in on the front after it was made). First there were no marks, followed by marks on the front, and then finally on the back near the top of the handle.

    These gray-molded steins are typically known as “Regensburg” type, however it was established in the 1990s that they’re actually from the Westerwald area. But the name stuck! Now that you have this new keyword, you can go to ebay and see what people are asking for Regensburg Steins. So you’re likely in the $75 to $125 range.

    Many of these had a porcelain inlay in the lid that I don’t think looks very good. I much prefer those that have pewter-only lids like yours.

    I’m glad that you love it. I have three of these but not this one. I like the hand-made aspect of them where the areas where the mold was removed hasn’t been perfectly cleaned up. Sometimes the handles are a bit off-center, there could be some crude areas on them, or the entire body isn’t quite symmetrical. There are steins that are more finely-crafted, but there’s just a certain charm to these that makes them extra special in my opinion. Enjoy!

    : ) Rhoda

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