Approximate Stein Valuation Needed Please

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    Gregory Schmitt

    I need to get some idea of the value of my steins. Both were made in Germany. The bottoms have stamps which include the name Mettlach, some symbols and serial number. They were purchased in St. Paul MN in 1911. The larger stein is 18 inches tall and the smaller one is 8 inches tall. They both “appear” to be hand carved because the inscribed lettering us not precise. The lids are metal with insert of a similar pottery as the main portion of the stein. The metal part of the lids on both have some very minor damage and I can see a small crack on the side of the smaller one.

    I don’t know what other information may be needed to help evaluate these steins. I am not sure how to attach any photos. I would like to keep them unless they are too valuable. As part of the estate distribution, I must present an estimated value to my brothers.

    I appreciate any help you can offer.

    Gregory Schmitt

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    What you refer to as a serial number is most likely the form number of the stein. Mettlach steins can be viewed on The Beer Stein Library (see Reading Room). The values shown are for steins in mint condition through a stein auction catalog. Those prices include the buyer’s premium paid to the auction house. Private sales, including those on ebay, tend to be at the lower end of the range. Damaged steins will go for less than the low end of the range. The Mettlach factory of Villeroy & Boch normally dated their steins. The two-digit number will appear below and to the right of the form number. The year 1887 will be 87 and the year 1911 will be 11.

    Photos and form numbers will be needed for further help. Click on Forum to see the link for help on posting photos.

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    Sorry about messing up your name.

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    Gregory Schmitt

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my query. Truly much appreciated. They are stamped with the number 11. I will try to post some pictures.

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    You might be looking at the year it was made. There is no form 11 listed in the old Mettlach catalogs

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    Gregory Schmitt

    1911 Beer Steins - Serial #s 2921 & 2833F

    This is a link to the images for a couple of Beer Steins from my father’s estate. Hopefully, I set up the photo platform correctly.

    I need to get an approximate valuation so that my brothers and I can determine what we should do with them. Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

    Gregory Schmitt

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      There weren’t any photos to view. Click on Reading and then click on The Beer Stein Library (near the middle of the page). At the Library click on Mettlach and you will see a listing of the form numbers in the catalog. For Form 2833F you will need to know if you have the 1/2 L or 0.3 L size. The estimated value range shown assumes it is in mint condition and sold in a stein auction catalog. The price includes the buyer’s premium (about 30%). You also would have to pay to ship it to the auction house.

      A private sale, including on ebay, would generally be at the lower end of the range sold.You would have to pay ebay 10% of the proceeds, including shipping, insurance and handling charges. Any damage or repair will reduce the value of the steins.

      If you live close to an SCI chapter, you might try contacting them to see if someone is interested in the steins.

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      Gregory Schmitt

      Thank you so much Ron. I was able to get a general idea of the value based on your guidance. Your time and effort is very much appreciated.
      Take care and have a wonderful evening.

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