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    I love vintage items, especially from Avon. I found 10 Avon Beer Steins they lady sold them to me for $5 a stein. I have:
    1988 Indians of the American Frontier Stein
    1989 Racing Beer Stein
    1989 A Tribute to American Firefighters Stein
    1990 Tribute to the American Armed Forces Stein
    1990 Fishing Stein
    1991 Great Dogs of the Outdoors Stein
    1991 Conquest of Space Stein
    1993 A Century of Basketball Stein
    1993 Tribute to the Wild West Stein
    1994 Country & Western Music Stein

    Does anyone have a list of all the Steins made by Avon or at least a list of themes/collections that have been made?
    I want to start collecting, none of the steins I have came with the box.
    Thanks in advance!
    Side note: If anyone knows where I can find the history/story behind the stein that would be epic!

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    John Piet

    Avon steins are modern, and you will get very little information from this forum on them. I suggest that you do your own research using Google. I could not find out any Avon information sites, but there are several price guides out there on Avon collectibles. You can probably find one on ebay or amazon for around $20. That would be a good place to start.

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    Try the Avon Collectors Club, https://findavon.com/. You can also just search Avon steins and make your own list.

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    I have the entire collection of the Avon steins, included the 6 little miniature that belong to the Endangered series, here’s the whole list which includes year of issue and name of each single stein:

    1976 Rocky Mountain
    1977 Tall Ships
    1978 Sporting Decanter Hunting & Fishing
    1979 Car Classic
    1980 Western Round Up
    1981 Flying Classic
    1982 Age of the Iron Horse
    1983 Great American Football
    1984 Great American Baseball
    1985 The Blacksmith
    1986 The Shipbuilder
    1987 The Gold Rush
    1988 Indians of the American Frontier
    1988 Ducks of the American Wilderness
    1989 Racing Car
    1989 Tribute to American Fire Fighters
    1990 Tribute to the American Armed Forces
    1990 Freshwater Fishing
    1991 Conquest of Space
    1991 Great Dogs of the Outdoors
    1992 Winner’s Circle
    1992 Christopher Columbus New World
    1993 Tribute to the Wild West
    1993 A Century of Basketball
    1994 Country &Western Music
    1994 Father Christmas
    1995 Knights of the Realm
    1995 Tribute to American Wildlife
    1996 A Christmas Carol
    1996 Salute to the Postal Service
    1997 Tribute to Rescue Workers
    1997 Tribute to the North American Wolf
    1998 Star Wars
    1998 America the Beautiful
    1999 Millennium 1000 Years of History
    1999 Legend of the Century Babe Ruth
    2000 Harley-Davidson
    2001 Arctic Odyssey
    2002 World Famous Clydesdale Hitch
    2003 John Deere
    2004 The Dale Earnhardt Jr
    2005 Africa’s Serengeti
    1990 The Asian Elephant
    1990 The Bald Eagle
    1991 Jaguar
    1991 Giant Panda
    1992 Sperm Whale
    1992 Mountain Zebra

    As you can see, in a few years there was a double issue.
    They’re nice to see, but the value of each single stein is not high, you could find them on Ebay and sale price may varies from $5 to $25.

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    Morgan I have all but two of the collectable steins, most are in the original boxes and some with certificates, I am selling all of them, would prefer to sell as a collection…they do range in price, but few have the boxes that are lower priced…

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    Ken Gasper

    I have most Avon beer steins from 1981-2001 & most of them have the box and certificates Any idea what they are worth?

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    I have a large collection of Avon beer steins from 1976 to about 1993 I would like to sell. Boxes included and some came with cologne that is still original.

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    I have recently went to an estate sale looking for steins for my husband and I found the Avon steins. I’m looking to collect all of them, does anyone know where the best place to find them would be?

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