Bohne skeleton bobble + skull pipe?

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    Hey guys, I recently acquired, what I believe are some interesting Bohne objects and was hoping to confirm they are Bohne. As well as ascertain how common / uncommon they might be… First up, is an object I would best describe as a bobble skeleton. The head bobs, as does the body, which will also strike the legs and ring like a bell (not sure if the ring/ding is intentional or incidental – happened when I was putting the piece inside one of my Globe Wernicke Barrister). The second object is a skull pipe, but what was it used for – tobacco or something else? I will add pics and a description of the other items Wednesday, after I have some more free time. Thanks in advance!




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    Frank Loevi sent me copies of some of the Bohne catalog. They do show a lot of figurines and go-withs. I did see the pipe skeleton head. I don’t doubt the skeleton bobble is a Bohne too.

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    Hi Ron,

    Those catalogs sound really neat and are a useful resource too, is there perhaps a digital copy somewhere that I could look through?

    I have included a few more pics of some of the Bohne items I acquired from the same source recently (all skull / skeleton). First up, is a skull cup or perhaps tobacco jar, I am not entirely sure? Second is a cigar holder, I believe? I know what the third set of items are, matchstick holders with strikers on the back, however I had no idea there was more than one size (I already have two devils the size of the smaller skull). Finally, the last one has a piece of paper on the bottom that identifies it as a “card holder”. It’s possible since the top hat is hollow at the top and about just the right size to hold business cards. Anyway, just sharing some pics more than anything… But I would really like to be able to confirm the object’s original purpose on a couple of these.





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