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    Bill G

    Some years ago I gladly paid yearly fees to the Beer Stein Library, as I still do to the Stein Collectors International. The BSL was, and is a wonderful resource for anyone collecting steins. While the SCI Reading Room’s Resource Works listing for BSL still notes that access to the catalogs requires an annual subscription, this is now incorrect. Anyone interested in steins could freely spend time looking at the vast knowledge available there. Once it was “continually a work in progress” but is now just sitting in spin. My morning check of What’s New in the BSL hasn’t changed since June 2020. I appreciate that AMOCA has, at least for now, kept the website in operation. I wish that some organization (or person) would pick up the ball and continue making it roll. Any thoughts from other BSL users?

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    Bill, thanks for pointing out the need to remove mention of an annual fee for BSL. That’s one of the problems with the internet, things on other sites change, or move around, or change address.

    As for “someone picking up the ball and continuing to make BSL roll,” the time for SCI to do that is long past, and we don’t seem to have any members with the interest and skill to help with our own website. We have been unable to fill the position for a number of years, and one of these days I will no longer be able to do it. Do you know anyone who might be interested?

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    Bill G

    Walt, thanks for correcting the Reading Room. I didn’t mean to suggest that SCI would or should pick it up. If I knew someone who might be interested I would have used email, or even telephone. Anyone interested might be a member of SCI.

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