Eric P Mihan College Stein – Age and Value?

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    I have an excellent quality M.I.T. stein owned by my great uncle who passed away in 1991. He graduated from MIT in the early ’40’s but I don’t think the stein is that old. From the sparse info available online I think it dates to the 1950’s but I’m really not sure. I have it up for sale on eBay –

    I’m only posting this link so there are some pictures to go along with my question – I’m not trolling for business. You can see my asking price and I really don’t know if I’m asking too much or too little.

    Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Bill G

    Claude, I agree that this is post-WW2 and think it would be mainly desired by M.I.T. students/alumni. I have a question, though, to other stein collectors: When were steins stamped as “Foreign” rather than “Germany”, “W. Germany” etc.? I have one stamped like that and thought it was post-WW1, but this stein makes me wonder.

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      The link didn’t work for me, ebay couldn’t find the page.

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    michele Kiernan

    villanova university beer stein stamped 1952 what is value

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      You need to start a new post and provide photos.

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