German Beer Stein Lithophane

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    Joe Chevalier

    Recently discovered a very old German Lithophane beer stein in our in-laws closet. It is identical to the one shown in this post:

    It is, unfortunately, missing it’s lid. However, the lithophane on the bottom is very interesting and I would just like to know if anyone here has any more information about it? Or are there any other resources we could use to learn a bit more about the stein?

    As near as I can tell the makers mark says gesrhutgt. Not sure if that is correct, I’m a bit rusty on my German calligraphy.

    Any and all information would be much appreciated!

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    Most porcelain steins, particularly those with a lithophane do not have a maker’s mark. Except for character steins and some reservist steins, there are no catalogs of porcelain steins. If you can post some photos of the lithophane and any marking on the bottom or elsewhere, we might be able to provide more assistance.

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