German Regimental Stein Value

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    Paul Fetterman

    Inherited two steins and have little, knowledge of either. Can anyone direct me to the best appraisal spot (assuming the item is worth more than $100)? First is a regimental stein (pictures in link below):
    Regimental stein
    • Excellent condition; hanging banner from figure on lid is faded/rusted.
    • Hand painted with raised elements.
    • Five-part hinge
    • Inside of lid is lighter pewter than outside.
    • No bumps on the handle.
    • All original pieces are intact.
    • No chips, dents, or cracks
    • No obvious repair work.
    • Original decorations are clear.
    • No unattractive discolorations
    • Working hinge on lid
    • 8th Württemberg 126th Infantry Strasburg 1903 indicated on front.

    Thanks, Paul

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    John Harrell

    Hello Paul,
    What you have is called a “Photo Stein” among German collectors. Such steins are highly sought after by the German collectors and some American collectors also. It has a photo of the original owner and while not maker marked was undoubtedly made in Strassburg, now in France. Photo steins are hard to find. Photo steins of the Reservist are much more difficult to find that those of officers.
    IF the stein is without flaws to include the pewter hinge, no fading, etc. it is worth somewhat more than $100.00.
    To get a realistic idea of what the stein would sell for you should contact The Stein Auction Company and/or Ron Fox auctions.
    TSACO Email is Fox

    Good luck.

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