German Stein Producer with T. & H. over C.

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    Robert Moushon Jr

    I recently won at auction an antique German Bicycle Stein with High Wheel on one side and safety bike on the other side, “All Heil Bicycle wings on front, a German Bicycle Cap on lid. On the bottom is T.& H. over the letter C. Any idea as to who produced the stein. Its mint

    Bob Moushon

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    It might be Steingutfabrik Thomsberger & Hermann, see Let us know if this is the mark. If it is not, you will need to post photos.

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    Robert Moushon Jr


    Yes it is the producer and in fact, the page has the very stein that I purchased.

    Bob Moushon

    Great Job!!!! I spent hours looking and could not make any headway.

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