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    Hello folks!

    First off, thank you for all who help this community identify and uncover info about Steins. It is a huge help to newbs like me who have no clue what we have. Ty <3

    So all the history I know…

    My Grand father had this collection ever since I’ve been around (I’m 42 now), and my grandmother kept them in her china cabinet with all her china. Grandfather passed in early 2000’s, and my grandmother just passed a few months ago 🙁

    These prized family Steins went to my father, who is getting unhealthy himself, so he passed them to me. I’ve wanted them forever.
    In the box that had the Steins, my grandmother had left a hand written note simply saying;

    “German Beer Stein Set of Walts (my grandfather) uncles (my great-great uncles), who carried them in their backpacks from Germany, across France, over the sea to Canada, and finally migrated down into Menlo, WA where their family settled.”

    That is literally all I know about them, but they are just beautiful. They have no identifying marks that I can find, and it looks like the pewter lid had been repaired, but other than that I’m SHOCKED they are in such amazing condition for their age.

    Can anyone give me any info on these at all?

    Thanks a mil;


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    I should note, if it helps, the “paint” on the front is raised and looks hand painted. And the glass has slight imperfections in it, but not like it was damaged, more like early glass work. They are VERY dainty and light. They feel like nothing in your hands compared to heavy steins I’ve held in the pasts. The pewter lid is much lighter on the INSIDE than the outside and feels fragile. I wish I could find a mark somewhere on them, but can’t seem to find anything.

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    Nice set of blown glass decorated in the so-called Mary Gregory style. Dates to about 1900. The painting was done by hand using white enamel which is fused to the glass, which is one reason the set is in such good condition. Yes, there is a pewter tear at the lid attachment, can easily be repaired (by someone who knows what they are doing).

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    Wow man… You’ve already told me more than my whole family knew. I didn’t know about they were blown glass, enamel, or in the Mary Gregory style…

    Were these made in Czech Republic? I see it referenced on this eBay posting and the art / style is SO close!

    Anywhere else you’d recommend I look for more info? Strange there are no markings or signatures. I thought they were German, as my whole family was from there…

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      The great majority of glass steins are unmarked in any way. The set was made in germany with a small G, by which I mean to encompass Bohemia including Czechoslovakia (sp?). The eBay listing you refer to includes about as much detailed information as you will find.

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      I thought that was amazing that you found a similar Mary Gregory stein set so quickly. I did a search and found similar poses of boys and girls. I think there is a story there. See if you can find a new manufacturer that can tell you the story. Have you considered joining SCI?

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