Gus A Soulas Rathskeller stein

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    I’m quite familiar with Charles W Soulas steins advertising the Rathskeller in Philadelphia which was opened in the late 1800’s. However, I have a stein that says, “Imported Beer Gus A Soulas, Original Rathskeller 22-26 S 5th Street, Phila”. I tried to research it and could not find anything about Gus Soulas owning a Rathskeller there. I did find a listing for a Gustave Soulas being born in Philadelphia in 1926, so maybe this was a grandson? Anyone here have any information on it?

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    The 01/04/1895 Philadelphia Times article states C. H. Reiser operated a popular restaurant at that location. Perhaps he got his beer from Soulas or had another connection to him. They both probably belonged to the German-American Society.

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    Thanks, Ron. I did find one other reference to Gus Soulas associated with the Rathskeller where he didn’t want to sing in a german chorus in 1915. From what you said, I think that maybe Gus was Charles’ son and was in charge of selling their beers outside of the Rathskeller and he paired it with advertising for the Rathskeller on the stein to other restaurants. Clever!

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    Dane Butler

    asteenbeeke & Ron… I acquired the same exact Stein today. It’s so old and has the number 16 under the Stein of which I haven’t any idea what “16” means? Well,if this comment reaches you all. asteenbeeke, that means you’re not alone. LOL!

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      If the bottom of your stein has two concentric circles along with the number 16, it was probably made by Edwin Bennett Pottery of Baltimore. He usually marked his wares, but not his beer steins as he did not drink. See my article in the December 2017 Prosit on the Bennett Brothers and American Pottery. The number indicates the number of ounces the mug held. The number 16 would be for 16 ounces.

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