Hanke stein, catalog #745, "Street Scene", verse translation.

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    Karl J. Schmitt

    Hi all Steiner’s. Some years back the first stein that I purchased was a Hanke, catalog #745, described as a “Street Scene”, with two panels of extensive verse. I have tried on occasion to translate this verse to English, but to do so is far beyond my abilities.
    Over the years I have looked for a translation, hoping that one would show up, but nothing has to date. However, the recent Prosit, Vol.2, No. 118, with articles on and by Dr. Roy De Selms has renewed my quest for a translation of this verse. So, can anyone help me with this?
    Karl Schmitt, St. Louis Gateway Steiner’s.

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    Hanke 745 does appear in The Beer Stein Library as Street Scene, but it does not show the verse. The Old Stein Manufacturer’s catalogs does show a side view of the stein that shows there is a verse. Unfortunately, it is not good enough to make out any of the words.

    You have three choices, post a photo of the verse, use The Beer Stein Library to search the words (you only need to enter a few words) which might find a match on another stein or you can look for a match of the first word in Translations Illustrated.

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      Sorry about getting your name wrong. My eyesight is not so good.

      I checked mysteincollection.com and it does not have a listing for Hanke 745. Ditto for the Hanke book. We will need a photo from you or the German verse in order to assist you.

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    Karl J. Schmitt

    Hi Ron and thank you for your reply. The photo in the Beer stein Library is of my stein as I sent it to Frank Lovie (Sp. ?) many years ago. How ever, at that time there was no interest in translating the verse, which fills two panels.
    I will try to photo the verse with a decent quality digital camera and multiple photos will probably be required as the panels are curved. So lets see what I come up with.
    Should you want to contact me direct, please feel free to do so. My e-mail address is targetguy39@hotmail.com

    Karl Schmitt, St. Louis Gateway Steiner’s.

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