Heinrid Schlitt and Kanoueu Rausch 1894 1/140 musical stein Bombenrasch

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    Katy Butler

    In 1960s, my grandfather, a stein collector, gave me a musical stein – artist Heinrid Schlitt/Kanoueu Rausch. The lid is slightly domed (dark outside/lighter inside) with engraving: II Scheiss preiss 1/140 1894. I believe it is called a Bombenrausch design.

    I have not seen a musical stein (plays several tunes – including Brahams “Lullaby”) by Schlitt.

    My grandfather’s sticker on the bottom shows he paid $6 – probably in the 1950s.

    Was the musical part added at a later date? The bottom, where the musical winder is located, is wooden.

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    This stein appears in both Translations Illustrated, https://stein-collectors.org/library/TranslationsIllustrated/E/Ein_Fetzen/trans.html, and in The Beer Stein Library,
    https://www.beerstein.net/item.asp?ItemNum=vbm-1909-0732. Neither one indicates it has a music box. If the manufacturer wanted to provide for a music box, they would put three holes in the inside bottom of the stein. The three pins on the music box would fit in the holes to keep it from falling out. Can you see how your music box is attached to your stein? You music box may have been added later.

    The Mettlach title for the stein is “Three Kinds of Inebriation.”

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    Mettlach 1909 decoration numbers 726 and 943 have music boxes. The body is slightly taller to accommodate the music box. This adds about 20% to the value of the stein if it is in working order.

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