Help id a stein maker

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    Barbara K Wetula

    I am trying to identify the maker of this stein

    This is a beautiful 9 “ tall old pewter lidded German beer stein with a lithophane in the bottom of a man and women dancing . The pewter lid is marked Zinn on one side and Reichs on the other. The side of the porcelain stein is marked 1/2 L which is underlined. There are no marks on the stein. The front appears to be hand painted and is a group of people in which one man is dancing and the words Ball Auf Der Alm are scribed beneath the picture.

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    Barbara K Wetula

    I have looked everywhere and can’t find the name Reichs anywhere. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks barb

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    Most porcelain steins do not have a maker’s mark and theree aren’t many porceelain catalogs.

    The underline under the capacity mark is the fill line.

    Reich Zinn is not a name, it just tells you this is high quality pewter.

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    John Piet

    The scene on your stein was probably taken from a painting by Franz von Defregger.

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