Help identify ceramic stein with minimal markings.

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    Monica M
    This stein has minimal marks so I am having trouble identifying it. I believe that the lid had been replaced, it appears to be a slighly different color and has a crack on the inside under the joint leading to the handle. The paint is worn near the handle. The 0.5L has additional markings on it that look like they were placed when the item was being made. The bottom has a partial Original King 7 stamp. There is not a made in stamp on the mug itsef just the DBGM on the lid i believe to be replaced. I have spent hours attempting to identify but have not found very much information. Any advise or information would be very appreciated. Thank you!

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    The mark on the base is imperfectly impressed, but there are two words – ORIGINAL above KING. This is a modern manufacturer. The lid looks original to me. It appears that a 1.0 L capacity mark was applied in error, then the correct 0.5 L capacity mark was applied over the incorrect mark. Overall this is a very plain stein, nothing to distinguish it. On a good day you will do well if you can sell it for $5.

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