Help Identify My Stein

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    I acquired a stein at auction and have done a little research on it myself and believe it is King Werk Wuerfel Mueller. I would like to verify if it is King Werk or not.
    Also the stein has a green glaze and I have not been able to find another one with the green glaze so does that make it rarer/ harder to find. The Stein measures 13-3/4 inches tall including the lid Thanks for any help.
    Green steinGreen Stein Mark

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    There are a couple of listings on eBay for a fox handle hunter stein with the number 722. They also have the number 1032. Girmscheid made a fox handle hunter stein in the 1960s in several sizes. Does it have the initials “GK” on the body of the stein? The “MR 722” on the bottom may indicate it was made by Marzi and Remy. Since this is a relief stein from the modern era, the color will not have much impact on the stein.


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    The only mark on the stein is the one pictured.

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