Help in identification?

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    Jeremy Clemons

    Good morning! I’m very interested in knowing more information about this stein. Primarily I’d like to know the time period it is from. Maker would be great too, but a long shot. I am definitely a noob, I’ve read a few books, but I don’t know much. If you could let me know what the correct terms would be for describing this stein, I’d greatly appreciate it, like what style of stein, glaze, etc.

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    Jeremy Clemons

    Or if maybe someone could direct me to a professional identification/appraiser (Other than, they were unable to assist)

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    What you have is an unfinished relief stein of a Jager u. Dirndl (hunter and woman). The mold number on the side under the handle is either 336 or 836. I could not find that stein in any of the catalogs. The closest stein to it is Girmscheid mold 1101, which can be seen in The Beer Stein Library’s Girmscheid catalog. Without the lid and being painted, it is not going to have much value to a collector.

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    If you’re interested in collecting steins this article by Stein Collectors International is a good starting point.

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    This is the first stein I’ve found that i thought might be old, I was hoping late 1800’s, I thought it would be really cool to drink a beer out of something that old. I understand that is has no value, I was just gonna use it as a conversation piece at my house, and the fact that it got me really excited about stein collecting makes it priceless in my book.

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      You might not want to drink out of your stein. It doesn’t look like it was glazed and might absorb someo of your beer before you can drink it.

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