HR 203 'Farewell'

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    I am a British collector and after some years, have managed to locate a fine example of pottery Hauber and Reuther, half litre 203 ‘Farewell’ stein but it is missing its pewter lid, strap and thumblift. I am looking to locate the appropriate lid and have a UK pewtersmith on standby. Can anyone help ?

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    Do you want the all-pewter lid or the one with an in inset ceramic lid? See, The inset pewter lid will be harder to find. Do you want to match an older lid? The inset lids are more desired by collectors. Either way, it will not be restored to mint condition. Check with dealers and people that repair steins. It may be cheaper to buy one with a lid.

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    Hi Ron. I wasn’t aware that #203 had an inset lid. My other HR’s have all pewter lids which is fine. I was looking at the HR stein catalogue illustration but I know thumblifts vary.

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