Identification & value for 9 steins!

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    Hi! These are steins that my grandfather brought over after WWII. I’d love to identify them and know how much they are valued at if possible!

    I have sorted them into Google albums and added their height to each of the titles in the album.

    “3 musicians/jokers beer stein” (Has broken lid)

    “3 Heads Beer Stein”

    “Painted Deer Family”

    “Golf Beer Stein”

    “Pub Scene Beer Stein”

    “Monk Beer Stein”

    “King Beer Stein”

    “Yellow Flowers Beer Stein”

    “Nature Beer Stein”

    With much gratitude and appreciation,

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    All are ca. 1900, couple of Diesingers, one regimental, one O’Hara Dial (American). Maybe $300 as a group.

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      Thanks Walt! I appreciate you taking the time to look at the steins.

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    Hi Lacey – In Regard to Your Catalog Number 744 stein: The Beer Stein Library lists the value for this stein (if in perfect condition) as $175-$250 (but steins are not generally fetching the prices shown in The Beer Stein Library these days).

    Unfortuately, the detached lid on your stein whops off a huge chunk of value.

    Nevertheless, your stein has an unusual feature: a unique Diesinger-patented hinge (German patent number DRGM 250635), wherein one portion is an integral part of the ceramic handle into which fits the specially-fashioned thumblift, all pinned together to form a working hinge.

    The system had two significant advantages: (1) it required less pewter, an expensive commodity at the time; (2) application of the lid required less labor. However, it was fragile, incurred more than the usual amount of breakage, and was far more difficult to repair. These disadvantages far outweighed the advantages and the design was quickly abandoned.

    If your stein was in perfect condition, I think it might, to a collector, command a premium over a stein with a conventional hinge since there are far fewer of these in existence than ones with a conventional hinge. Even in its current condition, I think there would probably be significant interest in it.

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      Thank you so much for sharing this information! I greatly appreciate it. Do you know the best place to sell steins?

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    Hi Lacey – (1) Fox Auctions, email at: foxauctions@yahoo,com, view auctions and bid live at; (2) The Stein Auction Company:; eBay:

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      Thank you for your help! 🙂

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