Identifying my Nan's Stein

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    Image on the stein is 2 men and a lady sitting at a table. The lady has cards on the table and in her hand

    On the side is a house with images of both acorn type nuts and wheat?

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    Inside the lid it has DBGM and a diamond shape undeneath with the letters inside it.
    On the bottom it says Made in Germany and then a stamp M/R then the numbers 2350 and then 10 underneath that.

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    This was made by Marzi & Remy and can be seen in their catalog in The Beer Stein Library. The DBGM indicates it was made post-WWII. The price ranges shown are for stein auctions. About 1/3 of that price goes to the auction house. Sales on ebay generally go in the lower range or less. Buyer pays for shipping, about $12-$15. These are considered souvenir-type steins and are not highly collectible.

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    Thanks, I was just wondering about it. She use to travel a lot so it does not surprise me it is a souvenir.

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