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    Ray Walters

    I think this is pre-WWII. Probably 1920s/1930s, I’m not sure. Anybody have any information on it? Note the Star of David.

    Links of images:
    Part 1 of the mug

    Part 2 of the mug

    Part 3 of mug

    Part 4 of mug

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    Unable to open images.

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    Bill G

    Ray, I was able to see your images earlier and the stein is #1597 by Marzi & Remy. You could go on this site to Reading, Reference Works, Beer Stein Library and find the stein. (Ignore the statement that a subscription is needed.) It explains that the stein is relief with a transfer in the center, and the hexagram is not a Star of David. The value of the stein is not listed, because the transfer can make the price vary. You might be correct on the age but it might also be a little earlier.

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