Inherited Fathers Small Stein Collection HELP

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    I have inherited my fathers German Stein collection of 10 Steins at least 1 was from when he served in WWII. I have sizes ranging from .25L to 5L. A few have marks, most don’t. They all do say either Made In Germany or just Germany on the bottom. I have no idea if these are worth anything or not. I was going to put them on EBay, but my wife doesn’t think that is a good idea. If anyone can be honest and help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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    Gary Schaible

    Do you have photos of the steins?

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    Yes I do. I am just trying to figure out how to post them on here. Maybe I could email or text them to you if you are comfortable with that.

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    That is the google link to pictures of most of them.

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      Is your wife against ebay because you don’t know what they are worth? They are not highly valuable or sought by collectors. Go to the Reading section and click on The Beer Stein Library. You can search by mold number or words on the stein to get an idea of their value. Any damage or repair will reduce their value. If you sell through an auction house, they might bring a higher price, but it will go to the auctioneer. They will also group low value steins. You are probably around the $500 range at max.

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    Omg thanks. She did think there were more because at least some were old. Thanks again. I might find some more as I clean out my parents attic. Thanks again.

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