Looking to identify vintage, carved steins

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    I recently stumbled across two stunning vintage steins, and am having a lot of difficulty identifying them/their maker.

    They’re both half liter, carved ceramic steins with fancy metal lids and words across them. I’ll post pictures in the link below!

    Thanks in advance for any help 🙂

    link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qyw6sw2xefcozpx/AACqXbViXSo1ybCxI3GTySmja?dl=0

    For clarity- the only legible words printed on them are “GERMANY” on both, as well as 0.5L on one and 1/2L on the other. There is a faint three digit engraving of either 8?8, S?S, 8?S, S?8 or some variation under the handle of the Abschied stein.

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    I didn’t have any luck on either one. Your best bet is on the first one. It is in a cellar. I tried searching a few of the words without success. If you can translate the whole verse, it might lead you to another stein with the name or mold number.

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