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    I bought a Mettlach stein (#2277, .3L, scene of Wartburg) at a flea market and being a novice, did not notice the thumblift is missing, until I started researching it. From the design of the Mettlach mark, it looks like it was made 1885-1930. Any ideas on how the missing thumblift might affect value? I bought it because I liked it – not as an investment! Also – question – at the base of the handle there’s what looks like an octopus – is it?

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    The Beer Stein Library shows three versions of the Mettlach 2277: The 2277a-“Nuremberg Castle”, The 2277b-“Heidelberg”, and The 2277c – “Wartburg”. The value shown for all 0.3L versions is $150-$225. This would be for a “mint condition” stein. The missing thumblift would result in a huge loss of value and many serious collectors would not want it at all. But that does not mean it is valueless as many would still desire it if there are no other flaws and it would show well on display. But the perceived value would vary wildly from buyer to buyer. I was able to round up a rear view photo of the stein; I believe it is a radish that sits at the base of the handle, not an octopus. Radishes are popular accompaniments to beer in Germany.

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    Thanks for the reply. Is it unusual for a thumblift to be missing? I assume it broke off somehow?

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    Not the most common form of damage that happens to a beer stein, but not unusual either. It happens.

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