Mold 788 marzi and Remy

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    Effie Hill

    Hey all! I inherited this after my mom passed away. All I can find is an old black and white photo online. Mine does not have a lid but the Stein is huge! It also does not have an handle. Is it a stein or a vase?
    Can anyone tell me what it’s worth or if it’s a reproduction?

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    What you have is a pokal, a ceremonial drinking vessel. They don’t have handles, but they do have lift off lids. I presume the old photo your saw that enabled you to identify the manufacturer was from the old manufacturing catalogs on the SCI web site. Missing the lid hurts the resale value. It looks to be in good shape and probably would be around $ 50 to $100 maximum. With lid, maybe double the price. Gary Kirsner’s The Mettlach Book lists their pokals, but the prices are out of date, and prices have declined in recent years. Mettlqch pokal 168 is similar to your pokal.

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