My Father's Stein

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    I have a character stein that I don’t know too much about
    so I thought I might bring it to the experts here.

    I do know that my father bought it some time before 1968 (and
    as early, possibly, as 1954), probably in Germany.

    It seems in very fine condition with no chips or chipped
    paint. Here are some images:

    I was told the figure is a judge and found the link

    but the painting job seems a bit different than the one
    pictured and the stein I have gives a volume mark of “0.4L”
    inside (pictured in the final imgur image), not the seemingly
    more common “0.5L”.
    So it may be a smaller version. The height, to top of
    funnel, is about 17.2 cm (6 3/4 inches).
    It seems pretty much new to my eye and, very likely,
    was never used but just kept on the mantle with other
    steins my father bought.

    I’d appreciate any information about it, the value
    of it and where I might sell it.

    Thank you in advance,

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