My great grandfather’s stein

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    Don’t be too excited, he was alive into my modern memory.

    I’m just trying to learn more about his stein.

    I’ve chased it through the internet enough to figure out it’s Meg’s after 49, it looks like it’s probably a tourist souvenir… I definitely don’t think I have the family jewels, I just want to know more.

    The link above is to one for a stein that’s clearly the same mold, Rothenburg o.d.T., though the colors on mine are more vivid, the tower is in blues and browns, and the metal of the lid is darker, the pattern stands out more as the ridges have darkened more deeply than the lid background. The background glaze of the stein is a lightly speckled grayish blue.

    The stamp on the bottom reads 1000 R and probably should read origional King but it’s not a complete impression. So all that shows is a faint “al” over an NG with a 4 underneath and a bit of what was probably an outline.

    There is an X scratched in the clay under the glaze.

    The lid is molded with DBGM with a DRM in a diamond below it on the inside and the tiny number 73.

    Which I’m hoping does not indicate the year this was made because I remember playing with this at his house and he was dead by 1970 so that would make me demented 😂

    Any kind soul that might be able to fill in actual information would be gratefully appreciated.

    I’ve been looking at this thing all my life, and just for the first time it has occurred to me to be curious about it. 🤔

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    The link looks like perhaps not attaching properly, so in case, the stein is a brick tower, front opposite tower is two clocks with hands in a vertical line (12:30? 6:00?)

    This is below an eagle on a red background with 16 on its left and 31 on its right. Below yet he clocks is Rothenburg o.d.T.

    To the left of the clocks is a man in a window with a goatee, a feathered hat, a lace collar and falconers gloves holding an object I can’t guess at with the comment “Bei Gott, er trinkt ihn aus” on a ribbon below the window.

    To the right of the clocks is another window with a guy in a bowl cut and beard with a neck ruff drinking from a stein of his own above a ribbon reading “ich will es wagen”

    Each man’s window is below a small diamond shaped four pane window.

    The handle looks like it probably represents an oak branch. Leaves, bark pattern and an acorn.

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