Old German stein value

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    Photos of Stein here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EvUEoN-aH1MbMeC2XY6kYukF0ZOYhQOY?usp=sharing

    Year: 1902
    Stein is unique.
    Meaning of the words around stein: student Kopp is called “Schlanker”. The student Brockhage is called “Brox”.
    S.l.Lbf. = sein lieber Leibfuchs = his dear Leibfuchs / Leibfuchs = newcomer in a student fraternity who is looked after by an older student
    Brockhaus is the Leibfuchs of Kopp, maybe vice versa.
    z.fr.Erg. = zur freundlichen Erinnerung = for friendly reminder
    Tüb.SS = student fraternity in Tübingen/Germany
    On this mug it´s the summer semester of 1902 at the university of Tübingen
    one of the cursive parts is an abreviation of a part of a very old and famous studentsong.
    Ed!B!= Edite, Bibite!

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    John Piet

    Your stein may be unique because of the design of the lid insert, but is not uncommon, there are over 30 for sale currently on ebay.de. You can determine your stein’s value by seeing what this type stein sells for.

    Your stein is commonly referred to as a “Tübinger Igel”, or Tubingen hedgehog due to the knobbed structures reminiscent of hedgehog spikes around the body. It was and is mainly used by two student association in Tübingen, Akademische Verbindung Igel Tübingen and Akademische Verbindung Guestfalia. I cannot make out the Zirkels representing the associations, but you might be able to match one to those shown in the web sites of the associations.

    The “SS” in the Tüb.SS marking stands for “Summer Semester”.

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    I’d say the inscription makes it perfectly unique

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      Unique in the same sense that a common magazine with an address label can be considered unique. It’s a distinction without a difference.

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    John Piet

    Alfonsdewolf, I cannot argue with you. I will have to carefully think my future answers.

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