Original King West Germany Beer Stein

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    Charles Muise

    I have an Original King West Germany, Hand painted, Hand crafted beer Stein. I can’t find any information on the piece through google and I was hoping someone here could give me some insight on this interesting piece. It has an eagle, or what I think is an eagle with small iron crosses which makes me believe this is prior to World War 2, because the Nazis integrated the swastika into everything during their reign. It looks like a coat of arms so it could be linked to a certain family. There are identifying marks on the bottom. One in particular says 411 over a 1/2 fraction insignia. There seems to be a small punch hole in the handle where it was attached due to the tool used to join it with the stein.

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    Charles Muise
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      This is the German Imperial Eagle (1871-1918). This mold 411, is a 1/2 liter stein. King was founded in 1949 under a different name. The mark on the bottom has been used since the 1960s. If you go to the Reading section you can find more information at The Beer Stein Library and Stein Marks. You can also contact King for more information.

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      The hole on the handle is for attaching a lid.

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    Carol Linton

    I have an original King beer stein it is with zodiac signs on it, can you please tell me what it is worth?

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    I made a wild guess and googled “original king stein zodiac” and got several hits! If it’s the same stein (brown with gold reserves), one guy is asking $75, the other $35. Oh, another! Zettlemore auction sold one for $3.60. I guess it’s worth whatever you are lucky enough to get.

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