Pewter Beer Stein West Germany – is it valuable?

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    Amy Moore

    Hi, all! My husband received this beer stein as a gift from a friend in Germany about 25 years ago. Never used, all this time we just kept it in the box in the back of a cabinet. Stumbled upon it while “decluttering” and I’m curious to know if it’s valuable. The forest scene is very vibrant and unique. The box it came with says it was made in West Germany with an original handmade pewter lid and the bottom of the stein says “Made in Germany Handpainted by Armin Bay”. Would love to get feedback from people who know about such things. Thanks for your time, everybody.

    P.S. I’m new to this so all apologies if this link with photos doesn’t work…

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    John Piet

    You may have gotten a faster reply if you had posted your question on Steintalk. Steins made in West Germany are not in great demand by stein collectors. Some of these steins do sell on ebay for $25-$75. Check out ebay to get a better idea.

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