Regimental/ firefighter steins

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    Nick k

    Hi everyone, I recently picked up several steins. 2 are regimental steins. One has the number 29 and the other has the number 112. The 29th appears to be an armored cavalry regiment pictured with 2 men and a Canon atop pewter lid. The 112th I’m sure is an infantry division with downtown and scouting pictured.
    .the firefighter stein has a flat pewter lid with a shield and helmet stamped “Moui 1903”. There are words encircling a crest, a banner with words and then to the right there is a scene with a man rescuing a baby from a burning building.

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    You need to post photos and state state kind of help you are seeking.

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    You can post pictures using the website below. After uploading a photo just cut and paste the link.



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