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    Hi, So I was hoping for a little help on the roster of a Regimental I purchased a while back… I know Gefreiter and it’s abbreviation. But can anyone tell me what the other abbreviation on the roster stands for? It is in both pictures, but it is also the first word above the roster located in the bottom pic, written right before “Regt. Prinz Albrecht”. Thanks!

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    That is a light cavalry unit. Chev is the abbreviation for Chevauleger, a Bavarian light cavalryman.

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    Thanks, Ron! I kept reading it as “Cher”. I need to get one of my sons to read the writing next time… Vision isn’t what it used to be.

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    This article might help you decipher the lettering on your stein.

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    Hello Jimbo,
    I just recently saw your post.
    It reads in German:
    Auf Recognosrirung
    Zum Andenken a.m.(eine) Dientzeit b.(ei) d.(er) 4.Esk.(adron)
    6. Bayr.(isches) Chev.(auleger) Regt.(Regiment) Prinz Albert
    v.(on) Pr.(eussen) Bayreuth 1901-1904.
    On Reconnaissance
    In memory of my servicetime in the 4. Squadron 6. Bavarian
    Chevauleger Regiment Prince Albert of Prussia Bayreuth

    The Regiment was named for Prince Albert on 8 September
    1897. You can find out more about him on the internet.
    Chevauleger is a French word that translate literally as
    “Light Horse” but is best left untranslated as are a
    number of German military words/terms. Post 1871 only the
    Bavarians used the term.
    If you have any other questions please feel free to contact
    me at
    John Harrell

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