Reinhold Hanke Schirmstander

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    Not sure if anyone finds this interesting, but I saw this at an auction and had to have it. Its mold 931 and is in the SCI Hanke catalog. It has a good sized piece missing at the bottom and a small chip in the rim. I’m looking to have it repaired, if it doesn’t break the bank. If anyone knows anything about these please pass it on. I have only found it on this site, so not sure if it would be considered scarce or what it’s value could be. With that said if it cost to much to repair, I’ll either have to face the chip to the wall or put in shag carpet.

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    You will have to search antique umbrella stands for values in mint condition. For antique beer steins, repairs will only get you back to 50% to 75% of mint, depending on repairs. Don’t forget to add shipping (both ways) plus cost of repairs to your cost. Then decide how bad you want it restored.


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