Repairing Lid & Hinge

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    I have some vintage steins (circa 1900) with damaged lid & hinge still attached (apparently dropped by previous owner). Before attempting to straighten these out I’m interested in hearing advice from others who have either succeeded or failed in such attempts.

    I have been able to correct some thin lids by simply forcing by hand with good results, but does thicker tang & shank portion of hinge and the thumblift behave the same way, or are they more likely to snap off? Is heating them first recommended? Do I risk melting to irreparable condition?


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    See the article in the Reading area of this site titled “Caring for your Steins,” it includes some tips for dealing with bent pewter fittings. Also, see the link titled “pewter Repair and Restoration” – David Harr is by far the best pewter repairman around, and his prices are reasonable.

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