Request for beer stein ID and value

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    Monika Schrag

    We have inherited from my spouse’s family, who lived in Germany in 1951/52, ten beer steins, four of which we’re very curious about. I did a bit of research online and have found some information, but it’s far from complete and possibly incorrect. I would appreciate very much if the SCI community could tell me more about the four steins and estimate their value.

    1) File name “1683”: Inscription on bottom rim: Drinck und Iss . Gott und Deiness Nechsten nicht vergiss . Anno 1683. (In the word “und,” the letter n is upside down. Does anyone know why?)
    Volume 1.5 L (not marked), diameter 6 7/8 inches, height 7 inches.
    Mark inside lid: E.W. Regensburg. Does E.W. stand for Eugen Wiedamann? Might it be a 1950s’ replica of a stein that was originally produced in 1683? If so, who would the original manufacturer have been?

    2) File name “Hansea”: Mark on bottom: v. H. & S. Bonn = Friedrich van Heuten & Albert Springmann? What do the various numbers mean?
    Volume 3/10 L (marked), diameter 3 1/2 inches, height 5 inches.
    I assume it was produced in 1892 for members of a student organization named Hansea.

    3) File name “Lithophane”: Painted porcelain stein. Lithophane on bottom. Initials Y.W. on the lid, outside, in front.
    Volume 1 L (not marked), diameter 4 1/2 inches, height 9 3/4 inches.

    4) File name “Railway”: Inscription on bottom rim: 1. Kgl. bayr. Eisenbahner Bat. (1. Königliches bayrisches Eisenbahner Bataillon).
    Inscription on lid, front: Reserve hat Ruh.
    Inscription on lid, left side: Der treu gedient hat seine Zeit, dem sei ein volles Glas geweiht.
    Inscription on lid, right side: Ihr Brüder stosst die Gläser an, es lebe der Reservemann.
    Volume 0.5 L (marked), diameter 4 1/4 inches, height 11 1/2 inches.
    I could not identify the stein mark on the bottom.
    This seems to be a stein for a reservist named Anton Vogel, who from 1900 – 1902 was a member of the 1. Royal Bavarian Railway Bataillon.

    Link to photos:

    Many thanks in advance for your interest, time, and expert opinion.


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    John Piet

    Here is link to her photos; Photos

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    John Piet

    I see you started a new discussion with the link above. You may have to check both to see if you get any responses. You are correct about the second stein. It is from Corps Hansea Bonn, given in remembrance of the winter semester of 1892-93. You can find more about student association steins on this web site. The value of student steins varies. I suggest you look at past TSACO and Fox auction results to get an idea.

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      Monika Schrag


      Thank you for your info re the Hansea stein and for helping out with the photo link. When the link didn’t show in my first post, I couldn’t figure out how to add it.


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    Nice steins

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