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    Chris G

    With the old site I had a link in the Reading Room to Stein Marks. This appears to have disappeared on the new site. Any reasons why this has happened?

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    Chris G

    Ok. It can be found on
    But not on

    I am now officially confused. Why two indexes?

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      I think it has been that way some time. The Sites of Interest (formerly Links) was not formally defined and thus mixed information sites with commercial sites. Then someone recognized this confusion and began moving the information sites to the Reading Room (which formerly had another name which I have now forgotten). I really don’t know what is now in the Sites of Interest section because you have to be registered to view those sites (which may be commercial sites unrelated to SCI). I am not sure if you have to be a member or not to register. You don’t have to be a member or to register to view the Reading Room or SteinTalk. I know this gets confusing to us old dogs, but you just have to sniff around to find your way. It is sort of like the roll out of the healthcare change in the U.S. or passing the healthcare law, you just have to wait for it to be passed and printed to see what you got or didn’t get. Happy sniffing.


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      Chris –
      The Reading Room is an official function of the SCI Librarian/Museum Director. It is where he posts all printed materials that are in the SCI library. The Sites of Interest are external sites outside of the SCI official site. Thus, they are two completely different things; not at all confusing. Good Luck! -Casey

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      If sites of interest are external sites, why do I need a password to see them? Most sites have a links page to sites with common interests.

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      Howie, we do that as a perk of membership within SCI. Since we are not in a promotion business, rather an organization that relies upon membership to function, we keep perks for members, that is the only reason.

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    I don’t see where that is much of a perk. Links pages are meant as a means for web sites to interconnect. Many are set up on a you do my link and I will do yours basis. Hiding the links from all but a few members defeats the purpose.

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      I agree with Howie, it makes no sense. You go to Buy & Sell and the first post is by Jason directing people to two outside stein auction sites. Buy & Sell doesn’t even state you need to be a member to sell. There is even a post on SteinTalk for an eBay listing.


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    What exactly is going on with our website? It appears that some very weird ideas are being presented as policy, without discussion, either in a member’s forum, or at a senior level after a straw poll.

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    Chill, Chris! This is SOP this side of the pond. Just look at our congress!

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    Walter Vogdes

    Hmmm… A most interesting comparison.

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