Three German Steins – asking for value

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    Nico Franz

    Hi SCI,

    I came across these three steins, made in Germany (I am German American so can read it all but am otherwise blissfully ignorant of this cultural and craft domain). I’d greatly appreciate any hints as to origin and coarse (range) value as I do not plan to hold onto them. Thank you for considering:
    (shared viewable Google drive with 4 photos.)

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    Do the steins have any numbers or marks on the bottom?

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    Thank you, Ron!!

    I added 4 photos (3 bottom views) to the same folder.

    All 3 say “Germany” but faintly. I am sort of wondering if they are fakes. The 0.3L has the most bottom information: Made in Germany. 2 markings that look like A’s but with one ‘foot’ of the A letter missing in each case (not the same side though between the two, and they are vertically mirrored in orientation). The number 107 and maybe a very faint “IL” (or 71, inverted). It also has that 107 number just upwards of the connection of the lower handle to the stein.

    Regardless, this is kind of fun and appreciated!

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      I think they are all o original and old, circa 1900-1915. The first one may have the mark of A J Thewalt, but I couldn’t find it in a catalog. It shows Vater Jann who got people interested in modern gymnastics. The Beer Stein Library has a search engine. You might try entering a few words from the verses to see if you can get a match. They are relief ceramic steins with pewter lids. Not much value.

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    Thank you, Ron!

    Makes sense (=> Greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Happy New Year! Nico

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