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    Ken S

    Hi Roy/or anyone who would like to comment. I thought the article for the stein of the month was intriguing and insightful, but am at a loss to interpret the last portion of the last paragraph: “it was at the 1935 rally that the German Parliament under the leadership of Adolf Hitler adopted the two so-called “Race Laws” that foreshadowed the Holocaust: Reichsbürgergesetz (German Citizenship Law) which prohibited Jews or those with Jewish ancestry from being German citizens, and Gesetz zum Schutze der deutschen Blutes und der deutschen Ehre (Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor) which disallowed intermarriage of Jews with ethnic Germans. Doesn’t this sound like what’s going on in the world today less than a century later? How soon we forget!”

    We do see quite a bit of totalitarianism going on right now, maybe that is what was being referred to, but if not, I am not making the connection with the anti-Jewish laws being timely.

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    Ken – Anyone aware of what’s going on in the world now even as we speak will realize that the rise of “anti-Semitic”, “white supremacist” and “neo-Nazi” movements especially here in the USA is a timely subject. This article must be taken as a whole in order to make sense. Thanks for your interest. – Roy

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