Trying to identify German stein

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    Unable to find my stein in any online catalogs. Stein purchased most likely in Kaiserslautern in the 1950’s. No damage. Looking for more sources where I can try to identify it. Thanks.

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    Try this…. The $ values seem high though

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    Yes, it’s a Marzi & Remy Catalog Number 1742 stein, as The Beer Stein Library shows. As far as value is concerned, it seems like the values The Beer Stein Library cites for many of the steins listed are much higher than what they currently actually fetch. For your stein, the low-end cited value of $125 would probably be the high-end of what could actually be expected on a good day – that is, if it had its original lid. However, without the lid, your stein would have little value to collectors. Yet, If you wished to sell it, I’m sure you could find a buyer on eBay if your starting price wasn’t too high.

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