Trying to identify this Gerz Kaiser-Krug stein – help!

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    Megan Avery

    A long time ago I found a box of beer steins at a flea market. It comes with a certificate of authenticity – this is apparently a limited release from something called “Gerz-Kaiser-Krug-Serie” or “The Emperor Series.” The mug has three images and appears to be hand painted. There’s a pose with Wallenstein, who was a general in the 30 Years War. The other two scenes are him with his men camping and fighting.

    I’ve already contacted the folks over at to see if they have any ideas, because this wasn’t listed in the Gerz catalog either. If anyone out there can point me the right way I’d appreciate it!

    The stein in question:

    The bottom with the stamp:

    The certificate (The other side is in German and notates that this is #114 out of 6000):

    I’m at a dead end. Hopefully someone out there can help me! Thanks guys!

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    Bill G

    Megan, it looks like you have all the information about identifying this stein. If you are trying to find the value, that’s a different question. Searching on eBay might help. My guess would be around $100 or less.

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    The reason this doesn’t show up in the Beer Stein Library Gerz catalog is that modern steins (which this is) aren’t included in the catalog. Typically steins like this will go in the $30 or so range on ebay.

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