Valuation for Estate Purposes: 6 Faience Steins?

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    Need to find a stein appraiser for hire who can give us for a current valuation estimate for Estate purposes? We have 6 Faience Steins, 2 stoneware steins, 1 character stein & one pewter lid only with antler rosette carved decoration. These steins are from 1700s-1800s, the rest are late 1800-early 1900

    Can you suggest a source? online is ok but in New York City area would also be possible.

    Thank you for any suggestions, Beth

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    Beth, the reality is that very few appraisers are capable of identifying and dating most steins, let alone early faience. And the market has changed so much recently that it is very unlikely that they would have good idea of current values. Best suggestion is to post photos and let multiple visitors express opinions.

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    Since this post, I have collected as many similar recent sales info as I could from Stein Auction Co; Fox Auctions, Ebay & a few other Auctions houses in the US and Germany. I can see that the market has changed so much and sometimes varies widely for the Faience steins. What once sold for 500.-1,000 now sells for 350- 100.

    The Stein world is new to me and I have enjoyed learning so much about them (esp the faience steins) as I help evaluate this estate. I appreciate your response which confirms what has been found. I will also post images here to see what those with certainly more knowledge than I — have to say. Thank you, kindly. Beth

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