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    Hello! My uncle was an avid collector of “things” and I’ve got a German regimental stein that he left behind when he passed last year. You can see that it’s from 1898-1901, Stuttgart, Dragoner Regiment. From what I’ve read online, it does not appear to be a reproduction.

    I’m just trying to help my aunt sell his collection and want to make sure I don’t shortchange her. Neither she nor I have any idea what this one may be worth and eBay listings are all over the place. I would appreciate the input of you pros who might be able to help me figure out a listing price.

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    Still looking for any opinions on this stein. I’ve been doing research and finding out a lot. In the article on this site titled “Understanding Regimental Beer Steins” it says that you may be able to tell the name of the original owner of the stein, based on the info on the vessel itself. Just wondering how that would be determined. Anyone know?


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      It belongeed to Dragoner Brenner. His last name appears on the list to the right of the handle, near the bottom.

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