Valuing Steins

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    Nathan Savage

    Hello everyone, my grandmother passed away about two years ago and I was handed down some of the old Steins she collected over the years. I was just curious how I would go about knowing exactly what I have and the value of everything.

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    I recently acquired one as well and what helped me was looking at the makers mark at the bottom. You can go to a website called steinmarks ( )to see who the maker is as well as a stein library such as (

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    If you post a few pictures we will be able to help you.

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    Mike Thomas

    I have a Thewalt Stein that I cannot hop any information about. It has 1290 on it and the thewalt stamp. I have attached some pictures but have no way of posting them

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    Mike Thomas

    I was able post pictures, thanks

    Pictures of stein

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      You can view Thewalt mold 1260 in The Beer Stein Library. It is a reproduction of the original mold made circa 1970. The values shown are based on a stein auction catalog in mint condition. Private sales, including those on ebay, will tend to be at the lower end of the range or less.

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