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    Hi there from an estate I received 4 beer steins. Unfortunately my uncle did not save any info so and I know little if anything about them. 1 is 9 inches tall and is musical. it plays o mein papa but there is no maker mark. the wording on it says Auf der alm, and da gibskasund. It features a picture of a woman and man walking along a pathway. It seems to be authentic. Does anyone know the maker, the year, anything significant about it they can share? the other 3 are small where 2 have pewter lids and one does not. The one without is 4 1/4 high’, marked Western Germany and has a C with a scroll through it on the bottom. There are no words on the mug but a picture of a man serenading a woman and then a white flower with what appears to be 2 hands locked together. The third has a lid and is marked on the bottom H and what looks to be a T or I. It has wording Grossmutter erzahlt on the front with a grandmother telling a story to children. The last is 6” and the lid seems very shiny. the inside of the lid is marked GGGM and there is a number 53 above it. It says froh Gemut on one side, Lustig Lied on the other and has a picture of 2 men and a woman playing stringed instruments. On the bottom it is marked H and another letter which is covered by what looks like a black felt marking of 302 or 502 or something that is not part of the original stein. It is imprinted Western Germany and has a number 8. I feel the lid was replaced as it looks pretty shiny but maybe not. If anyone has any info on these, it would be so appreciated . Just to note…they all have dark cobalt blue backgrounds.


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    Hi I forgot to note that the small stein without a lid has 1/86 marked on the rim.


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    Can you post a few pictures?

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    HI there unfortunately I do not use any social media so don’t have them posted. Your site does not allow one to attach the pictures so I am not sure there is a way to send.


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    If you want to provide an email address I can attach them I can send them .


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