V&B Mettlach model 1532

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    Troels J. Hegland

    Dear experts/collectors

    This week I found a beer stein a a second hand shop here in Denmark (I am almost ashamed to tell that I paid 15 DKK = 2€), I have been googling, and it is this one: https://www.beerstein.net/item.asp?ItemNum=vbm-1532 (pictures of my piece can be found in a post on my open Facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/troels.hegland).

    From the marks and google research I date it to 1885 and I would say that the condition is really good: there are a few micro dents on the pewter lid and a bit of crackling inside but that is it. I took it for much newer, when I found it – it is simply a deceptively good condition!

    I am seeking more knowledge on the meaning of the design – and also what the price might realistically be in a private sale – not sure I want to sell it, though. On the other hand, a collector might appreciate it more than I – but I am getting more and more fond of it 🙂

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    I couldn’t get into your Facebook account. Do you have the pewter lid or the inset lid? The inset lids are more popular with collectors. The price shown is in a stein auction with a lot of buyers and in mint condition with the buyer’s premium included. A private sale would be at the lower range or lower. I couldn’t see your damage.

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    Troels J. Hegland

    Thanks, Ron.

    I got some feedback on another post in a Facebook group. It is virtually mint condition and the price estimate, I got there, was almost on the spot as what you suggest. However, I have fallen in love with it. So much to my wife’s regret (we have too much stuff!), I will keep it 🙂

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