Very rare German steins

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    Jason Cleland

    I have inherited some (what I have been told) very rare beer steins, One is supposed to be linked to Adolf Hitler or his right hand mans personal stein. The others have some stories behind them also. I’m looking to get some info on them, any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Walter B.

    Like many other types of collectibles, pieces appear from time to time with a supposed link to Hitler. The vast majority can be quickly debunked, but hope springs eternal. If in fact you can prove that your stein can be connected to Hitler (or one of his historic henchmen) it’s value would not be determined by the stein collecting community, but by a Naxi collector or by a museum.

    Beyond that, you have given us nothing to work with in your search for information.

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      Jason Cleland

      I will post pictures of what I have. The story is that one of the maids took it during the invasion and hid it under her skirt, she was also pregnant so I guess she hid it well. Then it was passed down from family, then my dad bought it from his neighbor when he was 11. That’s what I know of it.

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    You are going to need to post photos if you want help. Under SteinTalk, click on About SteinTalk and you will see a section on posting photos. I doubt you have one of Hitler’s steins, there were a lot of fakes sold after WWII to unsuspecting GIs. Kirsner’s book on German Military Steins, 1914-1945 even has a section on fakes and reproductions.


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