Would appreciate identification help – unmarked mug

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    Kristen Stopp

    Hi there –
    Im hoping someone might be able to assist with identifying this mug; a maker would be ideal, but I’d be thrilled to even have an estimate of age and confirmation that this is not a reproduction. There are no marks that i find other than the 0.5L capacity mark on the outer lip.
    It measures 5 3/8″ tall and the base is 4″ in diameter. It appears to have been made on a wheel, but as I am a novice in this area, this is conjecture.
    Thank you so much!
    Kristen Stopp


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    The stein was made in the Westerwald pre-1900. I would guess the manufacturer to be Merkelbach & Wick, Jacob Thewalt or Simon Peter Gerz. The specific characteristics of the capacity mark is a clue to the manufacturer, and browsing the original catalogs may allow confirmation of the maker. I think the lid is original, though it appears it may have lost the upper part of the thumblift.

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    Kristen Stopp

    Thank you! I think you’re right about the thumblift, upon closer inspection. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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