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    Thomas Straub

    Hello Stein Talk, this pewter Krug has puzzled me for some time.

    See slide show at:

    It is from my parents’ pewter collection. They were from Munich and I think they may have bought it there in the 1930s. It is inscribed with the names IOANNES PSCHEMILLE / MATHIAS SCHWARTZENPACHEZ around the upper edge and is dated 1702 near the base.

    I had always thought the names were the owners and users of this Krug and that it was made for them; that it was unique. Imagine my surprise recently, when idly surfing, I came across the exact duplicate of this Krug in a 2015 auction catalog.

    See page 97: https://www.neumeister.com/fileadmin/user_upload/pdf/AK_367-teil1.pdf

    So here’s what puzzles me, if this Krug is not unique, then what are those names? Are these two Kruge reproductions? What is the history? What is the signifigance of the rosette in the bottom? And of course what is it worth? Where best to possibly sell it?

    Thanks for help in shedding light on this puzzle.


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