Bayou Stein Verein

The Bayou Stein Verein is a chapter of Stein Collectors International headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana and serves the interests of stein collectors in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi. It was founded in 1987 and has hosted an Annual Convention in New Orleans for all members of Stein Collectors International (SCI). Annual memberships are available for all members of SCI at the rate of $15.00 per year per person. The Verein meets in March, June, September and January in either a member's home or in a public facility. Although food and beverages are served, currently there is no fee for attending meetings in members' homes. Payment for meetings in public places is the individual member’s responsibility. Typical meetings include a short business session, a talk on a stein subject, a viewing of the host’s stein collection and a "show and tell" session on steins brought to the meeting by individuals. The Bayou Stein Verein is also one of the organizations associated with the Deutsches Haus, a German Heritage organization in New Orleans which has its own stein collection as well as being a good place to use one's beer steins to drink draft German and Craft beers.

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