Some Old Catalogs from Stein Manufacturers

These scans of old manufacturers’ catalogs have been nade from documents in the SCI Library and Archives. They are valuable for identification and research but direct access to them is quite limited since they are rare and not generally available for loan. That is the reason the decision has been made to make them available on-line to our SCI membership.

These scans are of mixed quality. Few are of original catalogs, while most are scans of copies of copies made years ago when scanners and copiers were of poorer quality. We will be upgrading and adding as more additions to the library are made.

Each catalog is designed so that you can go directly to an individual page, or scroll through the catalog from the first page. From each page you can click on the image to go to a high resolution image.

If you have copies of catalogs not listed here, the library would welcome donations of scans. For more information on the different manufacturers please consult Prosit, Gary Kirsner’s books, Chris Wheeler’s web site Stein Marks or Paul Van Eck's to mention only a few other sources.

Thanks especially to David Harr for doing the majority of the original photo work.

DuB Dümler & Breiden
EBS Ernst Bohne & Söhne
EuE1 Eckhardt & Engler (1)
EuE2 Eckhardt & Engler (2)
LG Leopold Gerz
SPG1 Simon Peter Gerz I (1)
SPG2 Simon Peter Gerz I (2)
SPGH Simon Peter Gerz Historismus
RH1 Reinhold Hanke 1
RH2 Reinhold Hanke 2
RHPL Reinhold Hanke Price List
Knö J. A. Knödgen
MuR1 Marzi & Remy (1)
MuR2 Marzi & Remy (2)
MuW Merkelbach & Wick
RM Reinhold Merkelbach
Sch Schierholz
StzW Steinzeugwerke
StzW2 Steinzeugwerke
BTh Brüder Thannhauser
JPT Johann Peter Thewalt
VBM Villeroy & Boch Mettlach

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